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Here are some examples of how the Foundation has helped young people in Guildford and Waverley. Individual names changed for confidentiality.


Case Study 1




Why was the Foundation needed?


Sarah was homeless after being evicted by the council and had significant family difficulties. Her school contacted the charity to request our assistance for a particular project. The school had organised a cultural and educational trip to France for her year group which was a trip that carried an element of cost which her mother could not afford. 

How did we help?

We assessed the trip and concluded it would benefit Sarah in many ways not least for educational reasons. As Sarah was within the Guildford and Waverley area and of qualifying age we were delighted to be able to offer funding for half of the trip, with the school covering the remainder.

How did Sarah get on?

Sarah went on the trip, an educational experience beyond school and reports from her teachers demonstrate an extremely positive outcome. We hope Sarah will remember the trip for a long time.

Award given - circa £500


Case Study 2




Why was the Foundation needed?

Adam is a bright young man with a severe learning difficulties whose progress at school had been significantly restricted to the extent that his grades were not good. There was a good chance that he would not have achieved the minimum standard to gain meaningful employment. Adam needed someone to help him build his practical skills and engagement both socially and academically.

How did we help?

Skillways is a charity that teaches practical and relevant skills to young people who have not yet found what they would be best suited to as a career. Adam’s school thought that by having the opportunity to attend Skillways that this would assist in him learning new skills and develop engagement. What was clear was that like others, Adam was not suited for the normal academic pathway and he needed to explore other challenges.  The Foundation was contacted by Adam’s school and as Adam was from the local area and of qualifying age it decided to sponsor a course with Skillways.

How did Adam get on?

Adam attended the 12 month course and completed all the projects he was set and with the support of tutors developed new skills and overcame challenges which otherwise he would not have been able to attempt. As a result he now has options for skilled work when he leaves school taking with him some of the experience and confidence that he has gained.

Award - £950


Case Study 3


Why was the Foundation needed?

Josh was an apprentice carpenter who obtained City and Guilds qualification and wanted to go on to specialise in boat building. He wanted to improve his skills into a specialist area. Although Josh qualified in terms of location, he also qualified as he clearly need assistance to improve his opportunity and help him improve his confidence.

How did we help?

Josh and his parents identified a specialist college where Josh could learn the skills that were needed to develop his craft. As grants are not always available this type of course Josh was looking for financial support to help him attend the college.

How did Josh get on?

Josh was able to attend the course and was given given an opportunity to be successful and feel valued in his chosen career path. 

Circa £1,250

Case Study 4

Why was the Foundation needed?

Charlotte was a third year medical student who had the opportunity to volunteer to work in a mission hospital in Botswana serving a population of half a million people. The purpose was to enable her to join an international team of local healthcare professionals to teach students and junior members of staff. It involved being actively involved in the care of patients and enabled her to develop clinical skills and experience in tropical medicine and public health issues. She was entirely self funding.

How did we help?

The Trust was impressed with Charlotte's application as it felt that not only was she looking to help herself gaining more experience and confidence, but she would be significantly helping others whist doing so. The trust was delighted to award a contribution towards her fundraising target.

How did Charlotte get on?

Charlotte did indeed raise the funds required to go to Botswana, she developed her knowledge of tropical medicine and obstetrics, her speciality. She learnt to communicate effectively and work in a team, developed her confidence in diagnosing and managing medical conditions and she learnt how to work cross culturally. Charlotte is now a practising physician.

Circa £700


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